About Word Bubble

Word Bubble offers a variety of study methods but the main point is to be fun and convenient. These lessons can be accessed and reviewed at any time using your phone, tablet or computer. Studying English can be fun with the right material. And All this for only ¥500/month. Scroll down to learn more…


The Speech Scroll

Learning a language is a timely and costly process. With that in mind, our Bubble Laboratory has developed the Speech Scroll(pictured right).  These visual materials will allow our members to get a good grasp of the basic outline of a general conversation that can later be added to or modified to fit a specific situation. These are found in the Bubble Blog updated weekly.

WBSS - Basic Introductions.png

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Bubble Archive

A Word Bubble membership also gives you access to the Bubble Archive that is an organized library of the above scrolls and any other content introduced in the Word Bubble Blog. These can include vocabulary lists, small challenges , weekly questions among others. Click on the Sample Exercise gallery to preview the different material we offer.


Weekly Questions and Podcast

Word Bubble also offers members a chance to communicate with each other in the comment sections. It’s a safe place to practice your writing skills with a focused conversation about a weekly question, famous quote or a useful proverb or figure of speech, Click through the sample to see what we have to offer.


Private Lessons

Word Bubble also offers a more traditional lessons using video call services like Skype or FaceTime.  These lessons can be used as an opportunity to clarify site content or engage with the instructor on any topic.  Lesson times, content, length and other details will be negotiated on an individual basis. 

If you are interested in either of these options, please go to move to our contact page. 

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